We're so happy to welcome you to the  Family

If you're ready to sign up immediately, click the "Join Now" button to begin enrollment. If you'd like more information before you commit, we've got our whole compensation plan detailed below so you can make an informed decision with all the juicy details.

These starter kits are available in the enrollment flow - you'll choose one!

We’ve put together a business plan that is simple, intuitive, and generous because we want every one of our team members to be blessed by our collaborative success. You won’t find any complicated commission structures, flashy promises of retiring your husband, or implications that we are going to somehow change the world through Press-On Nails. (But we actually might.)

What you will find is a super playful culture, transparency, and encouragement & support from a corporate team that is here to cheer you on. We will work with you to build a successful brand that will be the gold standard of quality and customer service.

In short, we’ve created a space for you to make money and have a blast doing it!

Our number one goal is for our Fanatics to make a good income by selling our products.


You will never be pressured to purchase inventory.

In fact, we discourage it! 
You will never be pressured to recruit team members. 

Promotions and compensation aren't dependent on it!
You will understand our Compensation Plan.

It's straightforward because you should know how you're making your money! 
You will not be asked to recite mantras, pledge oaths, or wear matching uniforms. 

It's a press-on nail company, people. Settle down

We’re so grateful that you are willing to step into this journey with us at Hello Love, Inc! This business is the culmination of decades of experience in direct sales and running several successful small businesses, and is truly a dream come true for us that we can’t wait to share with you. We look forward to working for and with you to make this company the absolute best in the industry!

There are  ways to be a Part of the  Family

30% commission on your sales to retail and VIP customers and a 30% discount on your personal orders. 

Commission on sales by your Hello Love family for three levels down. 

Prizes + rewards for hitting sales milestones... individually AND with your family.

Rewards points with every sale.  

For Example, Penelope Earns:

30% of her retail volume (aka: personal sales)
30% x $1650 = $495

PLUS 10% of the sales volume of her level 1:
10% x $1830 = $183

PLUS 5% of the sales volume of her levels 2 and 3:
5% x $8200 = $410

Penelope's earnings for the month: $1,088

But wait! There's more!

In addition to sales commission, Fanatics can earn monthly bonuses based on the sales volume of their 10-5-5 family. This includes your Personal Sales Volume (PSV) and the total combined PSV of all the Fanatics in your levels 1, 2, and 3.


Fanatics have the opportunity to purchase new line releases early and at a discount. The discount is based on your PSV from the previous season.

Title promotions are based on LIFETIME Sales Volume. Each level can be achieved based monthly and lifetime PSV, meaning Fanatics have the opportunity to earn the rewards from each level twice. It also means that even if you never sponsor another Fanatic at Hello Love, you can still earn promotions based on your own sales achievements.

Team building is an option - not an expectation - at Hello Love. 

MONTHLY PSV $500 $1000 $2500 $5000 $10K $15K
LIFETIME PSV $1K $5K $10K $25K $50K $100K
REWARDS POINTS 150 500 1000 2500 5000 10,000
PRIZES Fanatics will choose a prize from the prize catalog each time they hit a promotion.

We're not done yet!

We want you to hit the ground running with your Hello Love business! So in addition to all of the compensation we have already laid out, we also reward you for getting off to a strong start!

Hit these goals in the first 90 days of your business and you’ll earn the rewards from each level you hit. $500 PSV $1000 PSV
Sponsor 1 Fanatic
+ $500 PSV
$2000 PSV
Sponsor 2 Fanatics
+ $1000 PSV
REWARD POINTS 500 500 1000
PRIZE cell phone ring light nail box display stand insulated water bottle + sticker pack

The Fanatics and Affiliates in the three levels below you, which is your Hello Love Family.

The total amount paid for products purchased by Retail and VIP Customers, not including taxes or shipping fees. Your personal orders are not included in this total. This amount is used to calculate your monthly personal sales commission.

Your RV PLUS the total amount paid for your personal product orders. This amount is used to calculate your discounts, promotions, prizes, and rewards. Your commission on your 10-5-5 is based on their PSV.

The total combined PSV for you and everyone in your 10-5-5. This amount is used to calculate your monthly bonuses, promotions, prizes, and rewards.

We have spent hours and hours developing this Compensation Plan, which is based on our own experiences in the direct sales industry. Above all else, we want Hello Love Inc. to be a great business FOR YOU. So please keep in mind that this information is subject to change, as we learn by doing. We are here to listen, and want to know how your experience with Hello Love progresses, so please feel free to reach out to us at any time with your feedback.