Smiling's My Favorite


Smiling's My Favorite

COLOR: Light Blush Pink + Red Thick Stripes
PRODUCT: Accent Pack
STYLE: Square

Why Smiling's My Favorite?
On Nov 7, 2003 the movie Elf was released in the United States. The star-studded cast became a major hit for Will Ferrell whose performance of Buddy the Elf was called one of his best. Elf grossed $220 million worldwide against a $33 million budget. Nearly 20 years later, the film continues to be a holiday classic and a Hello Love HQ favorite. When Buddy accidently gets a job at a huge department store, his overworked boss tries to communicate the seriousness of their department's role. Buddy's thousand-watt grin distracts the boss and prompts this cheerful line.

[ 064-2003-10-SMF-AP-S ]

$ 10.00