Ride Sally, Ride


Ride Sally, Ride

COLOR: Silver Sparkly Stars
PRODUCT: Accent Pack
STYLE: Square

Why Ride Sally, Ride?
Sally Ride was the first American woman - and the third woman ever - to fly in space. Before she was selected as the first American woman to fly on a space mission, she served as the first female CapCom (capsule commander) for two missions at NASA's ground control. When she was selected for NASA's 7th space shuttle mission she had to field some truly bizarre questions and comments as the world (and NASA) was still adjusting to women in space. For example: Ride's first mission was the one where engineers infamously suggested a "space makeup kit" and a supply of 100 tampons for Ride's six days in space.

[ 119-1983-10-RSR-AP-S ]

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