Baseball Brawl


Baseball Brawl

COLOR: Baseballs
PRODUCT: Accent Pack
STYLE: Square

Why Baseball Brawl?
On an otherwise normal day at Yankee Stadium in the summer of 1983, George Brett stood up to the plate with his Kansas City Royals trailing by one at the top of the ninth. After a two-run homer put his team in the lead, chaos ensued. Yankees manager Billy Martin insisted that the umpires inspect Brett's bat after noticing a seemingly large amount of pine tar. They determined that the bat was in fact in violation of rule 1.10(c), the homerun was overturned, and Brett went ballistic. He ran out of the dugout screaming and yelling and had to be restrained by the umpire crew chief in a chokehold. Later, the American League overturned the overturn, and the game was finished a month later.

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