Where's My Sandwich


Where's My Sandwich

COLOR: Purple Horizontal Stripes
PRODUCT: Accent Pack
STYLE: Square

Why Where's My Sandwhich?
In February 2003, Leonardo Notarbartolo masterminded one of the largest robberies of all time, stealing between $100-$432 million worth of diamonds from the Antwerp Diamond Centre in Belgium. The robbery was expertly done, but the group of thieves was eventually caught because of rubbish left behind in a nearby lot. Some stories say Notarbartolo was linked to security footage at a sandwich shop from a receipt left in the rubbish. Others say he left the half-eaten sandwich itself, which was later used to trace DNA. Regardless, a deli sandwich was the thing that eventually put Notarbartolo and most of his group behind bars.

[ 058-2003-04-WMS-AP-S ]

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