Defcon 5


Defcon 5 - Accent Pack

We highly recommend sealing the design on this nail with a coat of clear nail polish, especially along the top edge of the nail. We don't recommend trimming this nail.

COLOR: Multicolor Accents
PRODUCT: Accent Pack
STYLE: Square

Why Defcon 5?
On June 3, 1983, War Games, starring a young Ally Sheedy and Matthew Broderick in his breakout role, opened to critical acclaim and box office success. When the DVD version of this film was released, the commentary incorrectly claimed what popular belief had come to hold true... that DEFCON 5 represents the highest threat and that the movie had inaccurately used the terminology. In reality, the Defense Conditions (DEFCONs) actually do go from 5 to 1 as the situation worsens. DEFCON 5 represents normal, peacetime operations. The movie got it right.

[ 113-1983-04-DC5-AP-S ]

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