A Mario Scenario


Product Description

We highly recommend sealing the design on this nail with a coat of clear nail polish, especially along the top edge of the nail.

We don't recommend trimming this nail.


COLOR: Colorblock White with Red, Pink, Yellow, Green, Light Blue, and Blue (there are 4 sizes of each color)


STYLE: Square



Hello Love press-on nail kits are the perfect solution for an at-home, on-the-go manicure at a fraction of the salon price. They can be worn temporarily for a special event, or up to two weeks for that lasting salon-fresh look. They are high quality, curved, and thin towards the cuticle for a more natural feel. They can be filed, mixed-and-matched, and even painted to create a unique look that best represents your style.

What’s included in the box:

  -  24 nails: 2 each of 12 sizes 

  -  File/Buffer

  -  Nail glue

  -  Cuticle stick


Why A Mario Scenario?

It’s hard to imagine a world without the little plumber guy and his brother, but picture this: it’s early 1983 and there’s a totally tubular game at the arcade starring a beefy gorilla as the title-character-bad-guy and a blue collar hero trying to rescue a girl to keep things moving. You love it. You want more. Nintendo delivers with a new arcade with the plumber as the main character. It’s Mario Bros - the best thing you’ve ever seen in your life. If only there was a super version…