Product Description


COLOR: Cream and Gold Polka Dot


STYLE: Square


Hello Love press-on nail kits are the perfect solution for an at-home, on-the-go manicure at a fraction of the salon price. They can be worn temporarily for a special event, or up to two weeks for that lasting salon-fresh look. They are high quality, curved, and thin towards the cuticle for a more natural feel. They can be cleaned and reused, cut, filed, mixed-and-matched, and even painted to create a unique look that best represents your style.

What’s included in the box:

  -  24 nails: 2 each of 12 sizes

  -  File/Buffer

  -  Nail glue

  -  Cuticle stick


Why Polka-Hontas?

June 10, 1995

Pocahantas, Disney’s 33rd full-length animated movie, had the largest premiere in history. Held in New York’s Central Park, the crowd was estimated to be 100,000 people strong. Among those attending were Caroline Kennedy, Mariah Carey, Michael Eisner, and then-New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani. The real-life Pocahantas premiered in the 1600s to a paltry sum of English settlers.