Hello Again! Monthly Subscription Box

May is sold out!

Visit this page on June 1st at 9:00am PT to sign up next month!

What is the Hello Again! subscription box?

  • Two full sets of press on nails (24 nails, nail glue, cuticle stick, emory board, Nailed-It! packaging)
  • Free shipping (there's no separate shipping charge for the Hello Again! subscription box)
  • Ships by the 4th of every month.
  • Sometimes they'll include extras like:
  • Early releases
  • Additional product
  • Exclusive availability

How much does the Hello Again! subscription box cost?

$30 a month! This includes two full sets of Hello Love press-on nail products. Sometimes we'll make one of those sets a pre-release or exclusive style, or we'll throw in some extras. And shipping is always included in the price - there's no extra shipping charge for the Hello Again! subscription box. 

How will I be charged for the Hello Again! subscription box, and when does it ship?

All Hello Again! subscription boxes are charged on the first of the month and ship by the fourth of the month

Hello Again! subscriptions can only be purchased on the first of the month! 

After your first payment, billing for the Hello Again! subscription box will be automatically processed on the first of every month, and shipping happens within four days. 

What if I get it then decide it's not for me?

No worries! You can cancel your Hello Again subscription box at any time by emailing accounts@helloloveinc.com, or by going to My Account > My Autoship and clicking on the Cancel button under your Hello Again subscription.