Ewoks into a Bar


Product Description

Due to the special finish of this nail, Ewoks into a Bar will be more delicate than other nails in our collection. You may experience wear around the edges of the nail, as the chrome design is printed onto the press-on. We do not recommend trimming this nail.


COLOR: Red Chrome


STYLE: Square



Hello Love press-on nail kits are the perfect solution for an at-home, on-the-go manicure at a fraction of the salon price. They can be worn temporarily for a special event, or up to two weeks for that lasting salon-fresh look. They are high quality, curved, and thin towards the cuticle for a more natural feel. They can be filed, mixed-and-matched, and even painted to create a unique look that best represents your style.

What’s included in the box:

  -  24 nails: 2 each of 12 sizes

  -  File/Buffer

  -  Nail glue

  -  Cuticle stick


Why Ewoks into a Bar?

Just in case you don’t know all the background trivia for the seminal 1983 film Return of the Jedi, here’s a nugget for ya: this is the film that introduced the world to Ewoks. These adorable and surprisingly sturdy little guys were designed to be primitive creatures overlooked by the technologically advanced evil Empire, to their detriment. We all know you don’t overlook the little guys - they’re the ones you want in a good bar fight.